Driver Training

One of the added-value services we offer to our existing customers is our Driver Training + programme.

We provide the programme for any vehicle acquired from us, and we tailor the training to meet your specific requirements.

It offers a number of key benefits to your business and drivers, and can help you optimise your operations by minimising costs and downtime, reducing your impact on the environment and improving staff wellbeing.

In particular, it helps to:

  • Improve fuel efficiency.
  • Minimise downtime and servicing costs.
  • Reduce driver stress and fatigue.
  • Improve product familiarisation.
  • Reduce accidents.
  • Lower your insurance premiums.
  • Improve load sympathy.
  • Prevent damaging goods while in transit.
  • Reduce mechanical wear and tear on serviceable items such as brakes, tyres, clutch, engine and driveline.
  • Meet H&S legislation.
  • Promote a professional image.
  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions and noise pollution.
  • Improve road safety.

Develop your drivers’ skills and don’t let poor driving standards be an advert for your business!

More information about our training.

Also see our series of driver training videos.

RoSPA Training

In addition to our Driver Training + programme, we can also provide internationally-recognised RoSPA-approved Level-2 training in Defensive Driving.

This is a certified course covering how to drive in ever-changing traffic conditions and how to assess, prioritise and deal with the associated risks.

This module is suitable for both the UK and international markets, and successful delegates receive an award that is recognised throughout the world.

If you want to know more about the availability and cost of our RoSPA training, please get in touch using the Contact Us form below.

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