Driver Training

Our Driver Training + programme provides a number of key benefits to your company and drivers, and it can also reduce your impact on the environment. It can help you optimise your customers’ operations – by minimising costs and downtime – and improve your staff wellbeing.

Our training helps to reduce driver stress and fatigue, improve load sympathy, reduce accidents, lower your insurance premiums and prevent damaging goods while in transit.

Reducing fuel consumption helps to reduce the amount of C02 released into the environment not to mention the financial saving on your annual fuel bill.

It also reduces noise levels and mechanical wear and tear on serviceable items such as brakes, tyres, clutch, engine and driveline.

We provide customer training specific to your needs, for example – improving fuel efficiency, control and function familiarisation and defensive driving.

Our Dawsongroup 3D system is RoSPA Level 2 Approved in Defensive Driving. This module is suitable for both the UK and international markets, and successful delegates receive an award that is recognised throughout the world.

Our Driver Training + also helps you meet H&S legislation and promotes a safe and professional image.

Develop your drivers’ skills and don’t let poor driving standards be an advert for your business!

See our series of driver training videos.

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Vehicle Handover

We offer a client-based vehicle handover package, where our Driver Trainers spend as much time as you need at a location best-suited to your operation.

Handovers are tailor-made to suit your requirements, covering all the vehicle’s controls and functions, daily checks and top-up points.

We an also provide a full demonstration drive to show how to get the best from your new vehicle.

It’s entirely up to you!

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